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26 ways to share our website

26 ways to share our website

You now have 26 ways to share our website. You are our fan and want to help make 36 Linhas better known than it already is, you can promote it with a click. And with a click you can promote to 36Linhas in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg, Delicious, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Google Bookmarks, Facebook Messenger, Evernote, VK, Skype, Line, Trello, Papaly , Buffer, Flipboard, Diigo, Fark, Pocket, Blogmarks, by E-mail and even posting to your blog (Blogger). What are you waiting for? Let’s click and share to 36Linhas.

e-books new titles

9 new titles

We have just released new titles: Graphic Novel – Nosferatu 1 and 2, Little Guardians 3, Activities 36 – Print and Color – Dropboy 01, Activities 36 – Print and Color – Flip Flap 01, Activities 36 – Print and Color – Activities 36 – Print and Coloring – Little Adventurers 01, Professor Elibius and the Letters and Dropboy 2.

Free coloring books

Free coloring books

We just launched new free ebooks. There are 4 activity books, based on Dropboy, Little Adventurers, Flip Flap and Little Guardians collections. Just download, print and have fun coloring.

Discount ebooks store

Collections and kits with discount.

We just launched a small shop only with collections and kits with discounts. In it you choose the collection or kit and pay with a 20% discount on PayPal direct, or by credit cards.

36linhas new website

New website 36Linhas

We have launched a new website for you. But it is not just a new website, in a new and definitive address. It comes in three languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish), with new sections such as free offers: free casual games to play on your computer, tablet or smartphone; More free books and a greater offer of free ebook readers for both pdf, epub and mobi, as well as for windows, linux and android. But there are many more, hope you enjoy it and enjoy it now!

new free ebooks

New Free Books for download

We just published two new free books. A children’s book for the very small and a pocket book based on the self-help book Stay Well. Enjoy and download now!

zazzle 36linhas

Earn money by sharing

Earn money spreading our licensed products on Zazzle. To learn more enjoy by clicking the link below and good luck!

36linhas google books

Taste our books on Google Books

Come enjoy our books on Google Books. Click the link below to start reading. In the link below you can choose and read.


Free book library

If you search for free books in English or other languages, our suggestion is the Wikisource website. In English are more than 300,000 titles. The books are available in dozens of languages, then just follow the link below.

ebook readers free

Free ebook readers

Beside you have access to free ebooks readers (epub, pdf and mobi) for Windows, Linux and Android.

promos 36

Disclosure Releases

Friends, all promotions and offer free e-books will be released exclusively on social networks, so follow them in (the buttons of our networks are on the right side of this page and in the home).